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An inspirational journey of one woman's survival during Hurricane Katrina.  This story is Liz's eyewitness account from the days leading up to the Hurricane, what she went through to survive as Katrina made landfall, and the aftermath.  It reads like an action-paced disaster film.  Once you start reading, you are likely not to want to put it down until you finish.  Be prepared to hold your breath and to cry as Liz unveils her journey.

One Step at a Time, is published in both black and white and in full color for those who prefer.  It is also available on Kindle.


By now the house listed with an unbelievable force from the Hurricane winds as it swayed back and forth.  The wind was so strong that it threw Tom from his feet and the force from it propelled him onto the balcony and against the side of the house.  Not once; but, twice as if there were an elastic cord attached to him in a yo-yo fashion.

I kept thinking if the hot tub slides on top of him I won't be able to help.  The wind kept me from reaching him as it pushed me too.  I didn't have enough strength.  I could only count on Tom's to reach me.  My husband is not a weak man, although he's more than 60-years-old, he's in great health.  He's six-feet tall and weighs slightly over 200-lbs.  With these attributes, he had difficulty maneuvering to safety.  I will never be able to forget the frightened look on Tom's face.  I thought Tom was just scared out of his mind or possibly having a major meltdown.  What I didn't know, Tom was looking at a 30-foot wall of water heading straight at us.

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What Others Are saying


 I’ve read it three times. Each time I couldn’t put it down. And, each time I cried and received healing.  

Pastor Charles Johnson

 The contents of this book are an emotional roller coaster ride that anyone suffering a loss, in pain, depressed, grieving, addicted to drugs, or their faith is weakened should read. Let Liz’s story heal you as you accept your beautiful future one step at a time.  

Dr. Melissa Caudle, author, publisher, artist, minister

 “One Step at a Time” was the most emotional and powerful books I have edited in my professional career. I made the right decision. Her story would finally be told so others may heal.  

Jamie Alyson Dwyer, freelance author, Contributing Cultural Editor with "The Astonishing Tales."

 When I was 15, my family and I evacuated from New Orleans to escape Hurricane Katrina. I am glad my family made that decision. However, we too lost our home and were displaced for more than two-years while rebuilding. I went to four different high schools in 2005 just because of our displacement. I held onto many negative feelings about those memories for more than a decade. That is, up until I read “One Step at a Time.” Wow! I am finally at peace and hope is restored. Thank you, Liz.  

Kathleen Baker, PhD, Professor

 I am a victim of rape and have lived with the guilt. At times, I get down on myself and I don’t have strength to get out of bed. I needed the strength to overcome and the hope that I would forgive myself. That is what I got after reading “One Step at a Time.” It is a beautiful, but horrifying story, that proves there is always hope; and things do get better. I like the fact there is a happy ending for all who read. God bless Liz for being so transparent and telling her story.  

Helen Ray, holistic healer

This book touches your soul in ways you can't begin to imagine.  I am 84-years-young and have witnessed many events in my life.  But, nothing compares to this story.  A must read on anyone's book list.


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