About Liz


Christian Author and Realtor Broker

Before Hurricane Katrina, Liz went back to college at the University of New Orleans to study history.  "It's my favorite subject," she says.  "I never knew that one day I'd be a part of it.  Especially the history of New Orleans."  Hurricane Katrina interrupted her studies and it took 10 years before she graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in history in 2010.  Liz is a realtor broker with Demand Reality in Metairie, LA and Diamondhead, MS.


Digital Library

Upon returning to the University of New Orleans, her association with Professor Michael Mizel-Nelson, helped her in the aftermath by allowing her to share her story.  As a result, she was instrumental as part of the team who built a digital library on Hurricane Katrina so future generations would have access to the stories, photos, and videos housed in the university's archives.  


One Step at a Time

Now, and since Hurricane Katrina, Liz has devoted her time to help rebuild several communities.  It is her prayer that her book, One Step at a Time, will find it into the hands of other survivors and those who have lost everything to Mother Nature's fury.  "Anyone who is depressed, angry, fearful, without hope, addicted, or dying should read my book.  I know I was called by God to write it to give hope and encouragement to all.  Using her testimony she serves as a Life Coach in her ministry.



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